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1-on-1 Training

1-on-1 training sessions with Blocs Master.

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Website Hosting

Premium unlimited hosting for your website.

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Custom template

Get a Blocs website with one-time payment.


Website Course

Learn how to make a multi-page website in Blocs 4.


Commerce Course

Learn how to make an e-commerce website in Blocs.


Blogging Course

Learn how to make a blog with Blocs and Volt CMS.


Introduction to Blocs 4

Learn the basic features and workflows of Blocs 4.

Get a Fully Managed Blocs Website for Your Business

For a small monthly fee, we can build and manage a blazing fast and beautiful website for you or your business. No design, hosting, or any other hidden fees.

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What is a ‘Blocs Website’?

A website made with the Blocs app, a powerful, modern web design platform, which allows us to create fast and beautiful websites.

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We love simple and stunning websites that are easy to navigate and understand.

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Our websites are really, really fast, easily scoring over 95 points on the Google PageSpeed test.

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We value minimalistic style and efficiency over cumbersome layouts and complexity.

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All of our websites are free of plugins, which might compromise the security.

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How It Works

We require all customers to subscribe to one of our plans before we start to work on the project.

1. Introductionary Call

We get to know each other and determine the layout, design, and overall feel of the website.

2. Content Collection

The customer should provide all the necessary content, such as images, copy, documents, and other required materials as determined during the introductory call.

3. First Revision

After receiving the content, we put together the first draft of the website and send it for review. The customer is expected to provide feedback on the overall design and layout. 

4. Second Revision

After receiving feedback for the first draft, our team will make the required adjustments and send the second draft for review. The customer is expected to provide their final feedback, focusing on small details.

5. Final Optimizations

After receiving feedback for the second draft, our team will apply the required adjustments and complete the final mobile and on-site search engine optimizations.

6. Release

After the customer gives the 'green light’, the new website will be published on the Blocs Master server, which will be connected to the domain name (owned and managed by the customer).

Exclusive Membership

We are offering the "Blocs Website Membership" service to a limited number of exclusive customers because we want to keep the quality and speed of our services high.

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Membership Plans

We design, build, and host websites for free. No expensive upfront deposits, hourly rates, hosting expenses, or any other hidden fees. Subscribe to one of our affordable membership plans, and we will take care of everything.


$99 /mo.

One page website

Up to 6 sections

Up to 2 revisions

Up to 2 updates per month


$199 /mo.

Up to 6 pages

Up to 6 sections per page

Up to 2 revisions

Up to 2 updates per month


$499 /mo.

Unlimited pages

Unlimited sections

Unlimited revisions

Unlimited updates

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Included in All Plans

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Blazing Fast Website

The average loading time of our websites is well under 1 second.

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Beautiful Design

You can choose from one of our templates or start from scratch.

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Unlimited Hosting

Blocs Master Hosting is included in all membership plans.

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Website Security

All of our websites come with a free SSL certificate.

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Website Management

Blocs Master will manage and update your website.

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Fast Updates

We will publish changes to your website in under 5 working days.

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Full On-Site SEO

All of our websites come with complete on-site SEO.

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Mobile Optimization

Our websites look great on all types of devices.

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Fixed Montly Fee

When you subscribe, you pay the same monthly rate for life.

Have Questions?

Get in Touch

If you have questions or need help deciding which membership plan is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us.
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Important Rules

Please read this carefully before starting a new project with us.

The Blocs Website Membership service is perfect for small businesses or individuals who want to get a fast and beautiful website without investing a large upfront fee. It is also perfect for clients who value their time and want professionals to take care of their website needs.

During the introductory call, we will determine what kind of website (design, layout) the client wants to have. We can start from scratch or take one of our premium templates as a foundation and move from there.

If you subscribe to the ‘Single’ or ‘Multi’ membership plans, you will have TWO revisions (opportunities to review draft versions of the website and provide feedback or suggestions).

If you subscribe to the ‘Unlimited’ membership plan, we will conduct as many revisions as you need until you are 100% satisfied.

We focus on making minimalistic, simple websites that are fast, beautiful, and easy to manage.

When it comes to the functionality of the website, we try our best to meet all requests of the customer, but we DO NOT guarantee to include any features that are not supported by the Blocs website builder.

If the requested feature is not available in Blocs, we will suggest an alternative before proceeding further.

All content on the website remains in the ownership of the client. The website itself is owned and managed by the Blocs Master. The customer doesn’t have back-end access to the website, and all changes to the content will be made by requesting a website update.

After the website has been published, the customer can request up to 2 updates per month (in the case of the Unlimited Plan, we will perform as many updates as you need).

The updates should only include incremental changes to the text, images, and other content. Big design or layout changes are not allowed.

The guaranteed update turnaround time is 5 working days, but we usually complete the updates much faster than that.

A big change to the design or layout of the website is considered a "website redesign", and it cannot be requested during the first 18 months of the membership.

If your site requires a redesign during the first 18 months of your membership, please contact us.

We host websites on our fast servers, located in London, UK. If the client requires the use of a CDN (content delivery network), we will set up the Cloudflare (or similar service) integration free of charge.

Domains should be purchased by the customer directly. We will provide detailed instructions on how to connect the domain to our servers, or we will perform the linking procedure ourselves, if necessary.

If you no longer want to have your website managed and hosted by Blocs Master, you can cancel your membership at any time. If you cancel your membership but would like to gain ownership of the website, you can request a transfer of ownership for a fee of €2,280.

Submit a Request

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions about the service or want to start a new project.

Everything You Need to Become a



Learning Materials

A series of detailed video courses and 100s of tutorials to help you learn.


Design Resources

A wide collection of premium website templates and custom blocs packs.


Quality Services

Quality services to help you succeed with your next web design project.

Get the Blocs App

Blocs app is a modern website builder for Mac, which allows us to build beautiful websites without writing a line of code.

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Get a Fully Managed Blocs Website for Your Business

For one small mountly fee, we can build and manage a very fast and beautiful website for you or your business. There are no design, hosting, or any hidden fees.
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A collection of fully customizable high-quality templates for Blocs app to help you speed up your web design workflow.

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What Blocs users say about Blocs Master

We are amazed by the overwhelming support of our students and customers. Thank you!

Eldar's work speaks for itself; his beautiful templates are well thought out and easy to use.

What sets Eldar apart from other developers is his amazing customer service, attention to detail and his genuinely positive way of interacting with his customers.

He is prompt, reliable and thorough. 'Highly recommended' is an understatement!

If you have web development needs, consulting Eldar is a wise investment.

- Lee Lusk

I took the plunge with Blocs about a year ago and just love it. I like many asked a few idiot questions when I started, but the real solution to my true understanding of this software masterpiece was Eldar Gezalov!

This wonderful guy has created a series of videos (many free) which cover every aspect of Blocs in simple to understand examples.

I promise he’s not paying me to write this, but I like many are indebted to him for the hours he has spent helping others.

- David

I think the Blocs 4 Website Course is one of the best online courses for the Blocs app, very well explained, clear and full of valuable information. Learned a lot from it. Good job !

It is definitely worth the money if you want to learn Blocs 4 quickly and efficiently, not to mention the many tips and tricks that Eldar has built into his lessons.

You will learn to build a website in Blocs in no time.

Keep up the good work!

- Ive

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