May 21, 2018

New Videos for Blocs Core Training

I have added another bunch of new videos covering visibility feature in Blocs to the Blocs Core Training video course.


I just wanted to let you know that I have added 6 new videos covering the visibility feature in Blocs to Blocs Core Training video series. If you have signed up for this course before, you can access all videos for free.

The full list of new videos tutorials:
10-1. Change visibility of blocs1
0-2. Change visibility of brics
10-3. Change the visibility of specific elements
10-4. Creating a dropdown menu
10-5. Change the visibility of multiple brics
10-6. Getting creative with visibility feature

This update takes the total number of videos in Blocs Core Training to 75, making it a must-have course for any Blocs app user. As always, I will continue to add more videos to the list in the coming weeks and months.

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This wonderful guy has created a series of videos (many free) which cover every aspect of Blocs in simple to understand examples. I promise he’s not paying me to write this, but I like many are indebted to him for the hours he has spent helping others.

- David

The best website to learn how to use Blocs. Eldar cares to help you if you have problems with the templates.

If you subscribe you will not regret it. It includes a large number of sample templates. 100% recommended

- Wardiam

The best place to learn virtually all there is to know about Blocs for beginners. And what better teacher than Eldar himself who spares nothing to make sure you are on the right track from step one through to intermediate.

- Sabina

What sets Eldar apart from other developers is his amazing customer service, attention to detail and his genuinely positive way of interacting with his customers.

- Lee

It is definitely worth the money if you want to learn Blocs quickly and efficiently, not to mention the many tips and tricks that Eldar has built into his lessons.

- Ive

If you are looking for an in-depth course on how to get the most out of Blocs, I highly recommend Blocs Master Course. 

- Arno