Learn Web Design with Blocs 4

Blocs 4 Website Course

The ultimate step by step video course covering everything you need to know to plan, design, optimize, and publish a beautiful multi-page website in Blocs 4 website builder.

The Ultimate Course for Blocs 4

Blocs 4 Website Course is the best video course for Blocs app we have ever created. It includes over 74 quality lessons, 9+ hours of tutorials packed with valuable information, and a premium template.


74+ Video Lessons

High-quality detailed tutorials available in crispy 4K resolution.

9+ Hours of Material

There are over 450 minutes of value packed video materials.


Premium Template

Great looking premium Blocs 4 template in two variations.


Project Assets

An archive with all project assets used in the course for practice.


Free Updates

If we update the course, you will get all updates for free.


Email Support

If you will have any questions, we are always happy to help.

Blocs 4 Website Course

The Curriculum

Check the list of video tutorials included in the course below, or download the detailed version in PDF file format here.


Blocs 4 Website Course Overview

3 mins

Barista - B4 Ver 1.0

35 MB

Course Resources

252 MB

Course Curriculum

406 KB

PART 1. Introduction

1-1. Exploring Blocs 4 User Interface

5 mins

1-2. Project & Page Settings

7 mins

1-3. Blocs Website Structure

8 mins

1-4. Visual Web Design Basics

10 mins

1-5. Classes Basics

10 mins

1-6. Managing Menus

5 mins

1-7. Image Editor & SEO Helper

4 mins

1-8. Next Steps

2 mins

PART 2. Preparation

2-1. Overview of the Part 2

5 mins

2-2. Planning a Website Project

6 mins

2-3. Setting Up a Project

11 mins

2-4. Creating Pages & Site Structure

5 mins

2-5. Installing Custom Google Fonts

8 mins

2-6. Default Typography Settings

7 mins

2-7. Preparing Images

12 mins

2-8. Preparing Videos

6 mins

2-9. Review of the Part 2

2 mins

PART 3. Design

3-1. Creating a Custom Menu

11 mins

3-2. Adjusting the Style of Menu

9 mins

3-3. Setting the Color Scheme

9 mins

3-4. Optimizing the Mobile Menu

6 mins

3-5. Completing the Custom Menu

3 mins

3-6. Creating Banners with Responsive Headers

11 mins

3-7. Responsive Padding

9 mins

3-8. Applying Gradients to Text

6 mins

3-9. Bloc Edge Shape Dividers

7 mins

3-10. Building Responsive Column Grids

13 mins

3-11. Applying CSS Filter Effects

7 mins

3-12. Class Library Manager

5 mins

3-13. Custom Button Styles

7 mins

3-14. Building Website Footer

8 mins

3-15. Social Links & Footer Optimization

8 mins

3-16. Writer Mode & Text Editing Options

8 mins

3-17. Multi-layer Parallax Effect

10 mins

3-18. Building a Grid of Icons with Text

10 mins

3-19. Edge to Edge Feature Blocs

14 mins

3-20. Gradient Background & Wire Button

4 mins

3-21. Installing 3rd Party Brics

4 mins

3-22. Creating a Shop Page

7 mins

3-23. Using Toggle Visibility

9 mins

3-24. Setting Up a Product Page

8 mins

3-25. Setting Up a Tabbed Content Bric

8 mins

3-26. Adding Content to Tabs

7 mins

3-27. Using Toggle Class Interaction

8 mins

3-28. Completing the Product Page

5 mins

3-29. Setting Up a Gallery Page

5 mins

3-30. Setting Up a Contact Page

8 mins

3-31. Adding & Editing the Form

11 mins

3-32. Embedding Google Maps

3 mins

3-33. Adjusting the Style of Alert Messages

5 mins

3-34. Adjusting the 'Scroll to Top' Button

3 mins

PART 4. Optimization

4-1. Website Design Optimization

18 mins

4-2. Local Host Preview

4 mins

4-3. Troubleshooting Links

7 mins

4-4. Adjusting Page Settings

8 mins

4-5. Adding Social Cards

5 mins

4-6. Search Engine Optimization

9 mins

PART 5. Publishing

5-1. Exporting & Publishing a Website

6 mins

5-2. Analyzing Website Performance

6 mins

5-3. Creating & Editing .htaccess File

5 mins

5-4. Preparing Project Files for Transfer

5 mins


Course Review

4 mins

PART 6. Bonus Videos

6-1. DIV Container Bric

10 mins

6-2. Styling Dropdown Menus

10 mins

6-3. Class Editor - Flex

10 mins

6-4. Class Editor - Positioning

6 mins

6-5. Vertical Menu - Part 1 - Flex & Position

10 mins

6-6. Vertical Menu - Part 2 - Body Classes

8 mins

6-7. Continuous Scroll FX

7 mins

6-8. Class Editor - Filters

5 mins

6-9. Class Editor - SVG

6 mins

6-10. Carousel Bric

10 mins

6-11. Class Editor - Shadows

7 mins

Premium Video Courses

Start with Blocs 4 Website Course to learn all of the basics of buliding a website in Blocs.
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Blocs 4 Website Course

All you need to make a beautiful multi-page website in Blocs 4.

✓ 74 quality lessons
✓ Barista Template
✓ Standard Support


Free with Subscription
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Blocs 4 Blogging Course

Learn how to build a fully functional blogging website in Blocs 4.

✓ 24 quality lessons
✓ Writer Template
✓ Standard Support


Free with Subscription
blocs 3-website-course-blocs-store-thumb

Blocs 4 Commerce Course

Learn how to build a fully functional e-commerce website in Blocs 4.

✓ 36 quality lessons
✓ Startup Template
✓ Standard Support


Free with Subscription

Introduction to Blocs 4 Course

An easy way to get started building webistes with Blocs for Mac.

Blocs Master All-Access Pass

Access to all Blocs templates, 100s of custom blocs, and all Blocs Master tutorials. Keep what you download and cancel anytime.

Only $79 /year

All Templates

Access all current and future templates for Blocs 4, and all future versions of Blocs.

All Tutorials

Access to all Blocs Master courses, including Website, Commerce, and Blogging.

All Custom Blocs

Access to all current and all future Custom Blocs packs from Blocs Brics collection.

Priority Support

Direct email access to Blocs Master with a guaranteed 24 hours response time.

Student Testimonials

I am amazed by the overwhelming support of my students. Your kind words mean so much to me. I will do my absolute best to continue to help each and every one of you.

As a graphic designer I really wanted to design my own website and I was thrilled when I found Blocs a few years ago. However, I was struggling to wrap my head around the very different way of thinking when it comes to designing for websites, so I signed up for Eldar's Blocs 3 course, and then again for the Blocs 4 course.

If you are looking for an in-depth course on how to get the most out of Blocs I highly recommend Blocs Master Course. 

Plus, Eldar has been personally VERY helpful with some of the more challenging issues I've run into. It's like having an expert at hand so you can focus more on designing and less troubleshooting!!!

- Arno Apeldoorn

I think the Blocs 4 Website Course is one of the best online courses for the Blocs app, very well explained, clear and full of valuable information. Learned a lot from it. Good job !

It is definitely worth the money if you want to learn Blocs 4 quickly and efficiently, not to mention the many tips and tricks that Eldar has built into his lessons.

You will learn to build a website in Blocs in no time.

Keep up the good work!

- Ive

Overall: As a customer who bought the full package with video tutorials and templates I feel very satisfied:

Even though I don't use the templates a lot they are always a place for getting inspired about what is posssible.

Video tutorials:
The video tutorials are well produced, worthwhile watching and explain a lot (though not everything).

- Michael

I’m using Blocs for a while and I love it and using your Blocs 4 Website Course really helps me to solve items and also as a help site.

The setup of the course is great and I can follow the process step by step, also I like the bonus video’s which are showing the special items.

Great work it helps me a lot.

- Leo

Eldar's work speaks for itself; his beautiful templates are well thought out and easy to use.

What sets Eldar apart from other developers is his amazing customer service, attention to detail and his genuinely positive way of interacting with his customers.

He is prompt, reliable and thorough. 'Highly recommended' is an understatement!

If you have web development needs, consulting Eldar is a wise investment.

- Lee Lusk

I took the plunge with Blocs about a year ago and just love it. I like many asked a few idiot questions when I started, but the real solution to my true understanding of this software masterpiece was Eldar Gezalov!

This wonderful guy has created a series of videos (many free) which cover every aspect of Blocs in simple to understand examples. The basic set is free and you can sign up to his masterclass for a few quid.

I promise he’s not paying me to write this, but I like many are indebted to him for the hours he has spent helping others.

- David

I’m not one to usually write testimonials or complaints, but in the case of Eldar Gezalov, I’m making an exception. Not for any other reason than that the products he offers in his templates, and more importantly the support he offers in his training videos and personal assistance, are truly remarkable.

I was moving from another platform that we had used for years and it was no longer supported. I came across BLOCS and then went looking for templates to assist as I’m far from a website designer. I purchased Eldar Gezalov’s templates package after first trying a free sample and then decided to go for the Bloc Masters training. That was a great decision!

With his recommendation, I chose an appropriate template that would best satisfy our needs and within 6 weeks had built two major websites. And I have very little experience in web design. My sites at umassdcatholics.com and stmarysdartmouth.org are examples of what a novice can accomplish with the help and training by Eldar. Trust me, you can save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself!

Eldar was always ready to answer questions. He’s amazingly supportive. I can’t say I’ve never received such great support. And his training videos are set up in such a way, that when you come across something new or want to try something different, you only need to watch a short video on that particular topic – and not scan through a long training video to find the answer or solution.

If you are looking for a great website builder software, I would heartily recommend BLOCS, but more importantly, the products and training of Eldar Gezalov. https://blocsmaster.com or https://eldargezalov.com
I’m happy to recommend him to you and answer any questions you may have about his products and services.

- Frank R Lucca

The best website to learn how to use Blocs. Eldar cares to help you if you have problems with the templates. If you subscribe you will not regret it. It includes a large number of sample templates. 100% recommended

- Wardiam

These templates are the best Blocs templates available. They are also optimized for mobile so they will look great on your mobile devices. These quality templates will speed up your design and get your website up and running.

- Mark

Do you want to learn all the features within Blocs? Each month Eldar updates Mastering Blocs with concise videos that show how to use Blocs. Watching these videos shows how every element works.

You'll learn how to master each feature and how classes can take your design to the next level. I find the course organization is a valuable resource, I can go back and watch any videos if I need a refresher on using anything in Blocs. This is the ultimate one-stop resource for Blocs.

You won't regret this purchase.

- Casey

I used the Blocs website program to build my new website a couple of months ago. I found the tutorials easy to follow, and it was fun and looks professional.

When I got stuck, I emailed Eldar with questions, and he was so helpful in guiding me through the information. I appreciated his help, and highly recommend the Blocs Master for all your website needs.

- Jill Brighton

Eldar’s Tutorial and Templates are off the charts!I’m use them often when I get stuck or want to re-learn some really cool things.

I’m waiting patently for more more of his tutorial to be released. Without his assistance I would be struggling getting to know necessary steps.I highly recommend any of his tutorials or templates.

You will be making one of the best decision to help you move forward and design eye catching parallaxing responsive website using Blocs.

- Allen

Querido Eldar:
Espero que el traductor funcione correctamente y te pueda hacer llegar mi agradecimiento por la muy alguna calidad de tus tutoriales gratis.

Realmente, no se me ocurre que más podrías compartir con nosotros tus seguidores: todo perfecto, todo bien cuidado, todo muy útil.

Como fanático de Blocs desde que lo descubrí, gracias desde Paraguay.

- Carlos Ojeda

I absolutely enjoy working with blocs, it is powerful and effective in the creation of websites, but that’s not all that blocs can do!

If you pay attention to Eldar’s templates, you will learn how to manipulate the code without having to know everything about the code.

Spending more time creating and less time scratching your head!

- Robert Cobb

I purchased this course from Blocs 2 on and it has been extremely helpful in understanding the Blocs and how to create content with Blocs.

Eldar is also very active on the forums, so it is easy to reach him and he is always helpful.

- Christopher Wall

The best place to learn virtually all there is to know about Blocs for beginners. And what better teacher than Eldar himself who spares nothing to make sure you are on the right track from step one through to intermediate.

Having finished the Blocs 3 tutorials there is still plenty I don’t know and I’m looking forward to more to come in the future to make up for what I don’t already know. And there is plenty of that.

Furthermore, having purchased the set you also have the oppurtunity to rework any of the tutorials which you may have forgotten as time goes by. Great work Eldar. Keep them rolling please. All your hard work for the Blocs community is very very much appreciated. One happy Eldar Bloc’s fan.

- Sister Sabina

I've been searching for a high-quality Mac based website creation solution for years. Thanks to Eldar, the search has ended. *****

- Robert Masters

I templates di Eldar sono ben costruiti e offrono molti spunti anche tecnici. Grazie

- Umberto

As a furniture company owner with no knowledge of code, I design and publish my own website. I've been using Blocs since V1.xx after Freeway, and have figured out most of the site creation myself. So I was unsure if I needed these tutorial videos. Having taken the plunge, as I worked my way through the lessons I realised both how much more flexible Blocs can be and how much I never knew.

My recommendation? If you make this purchase you won't regret it. It will turn into a reference library you will revisit over again with clear, short 'watch and learn' videos on call.

Thanks Eldar, keep up the good work and keep Blocs rocking.

- Andy

Eldar explains every detail of Blocs in a well-structured and calm way.

Also his templates are beautiful and a great starting point for tiny or large projects. Cheers

- Robert

Since I switched from Joomla to Blocs I was so happy to find Blocs Templates and the amazing service and support from Eldar. This made the switch so much better. 


- Tom

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