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Introduction to Blocs 4

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Blocs 4 Blogging Course

Learn everything you need to know to build a fully functional blogging website with Blocs 4 and Volt CMS.

Build Blogging Websites with Blocs

Blocs 4 Blogging Course includes over 24 quality video lessons, 3.5+ hours of tutorials packed with valuable information, and a premium Volt CMS template.


24+ Video Lessons

High-quality detailed tutorials available in crispy 4K resolution.

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Premium Template

This course includes the premium Writer Volt CMS template for Blocs 4.


Volt CMS Basics

In addition to Blogging, this course covers other basic features of Volt CMS.


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Blocs 4 Blogging Course

The Curriculum

Check the list of video tutorials included in the course below, or download the detailed version in PDF file format here.


Blogging Options for Blocs App

9 mins

Writer - Volt CMS.bloc

10 MB

15% Discount for Volt CMS

Course Curriculum

350 KB

PART 1. Volt CMS Basics

1-1. Installing Volt CMS

4 mins

1-2. Setting Up the Volt Core Bric

12 mins

1-3. Creating a Login & Logout Page

5 mins

1-4. Adding Volt Content Areas

9 mins

1-5. Volt Content Editor Tools Overview

9 mins

1-6. Adjusting Default Content Styles

14 mins

1-7. Using Volt Gallery Bric

6 mins

PART 2. Setting Up a Volt Blog

2-1. Adding a Volt CMS Blog to a Website

11 mins

2-2. Overview of the Blog Post Editor

9 mins

2-3. Optimizing URLs &  Setting the RSS Feed

9 mins

2-4. Using the Volt Recent Posts Bric

6 mins

2-5. Adding a Sidebar to the Blog Page

9 mins

2-6. Using the Volt Blog Search Bric

11 mins

PART 3. Styling the Volt CMS Blog

3-1. Overview of the Styling Process

11 mins

3-2. Fine-Tuning the Layout of the Blog Page

6 mins

3-3. Adjusting the Style of Post Titles

7 mins

3-4. Styling the Blog Post Metadata

9 mins

3-5. Adjusting the Social Share Bric

5 mins

3-6. Adjusting the Style of Buttons

7 mins

3-7. Adjusting the Position of Buttons

7 mins

3-8. Styling or Hiding the Page / Post Counter

3 mins

3-9. Optimizing the Margins & Title Sizes

7 mins

3-10. Mobile Optimization, Backup & Final Test

18 mins

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What Blocs users say about Blocs Master

We are amazed by the overwhelming support of our students and customers. Thank you!

Eldar's work speaks for itself; his beautiful templates are well thought out and easy to use.

What sets Eldar apart from other developers is his amazing customer service, attention to detail and his genuinely positive way of interacting with his customers.

He is prompt, reliable and thorough. 'Highly recommended' is an understatement!

If you have web development needs, consulting Eldar is a wise investment.

- Lee Lusk

I took the plunge with Blocs about a year ago and just love it. I like many asked a few idiot questions when I started, but the real solution to my true understanding of this software masterpiece was Eldar Gezalov!

This wonderful guy has created a series of videos (many free) which cover every aspect of Blocs in simple to understand examples.

I promise he’s not paying me to write this, but I like many are indebted to him for the hours he has spent helping others.

- David

I think the Blocs 4 Website Course is one of the best online courses for the Blocs app, very well explained, clear and full of valuable information. Learned a lot from it. Good job !

It is definitely worth the money if you want to learn Blocs 4 quickly and efficiently, not to mention the many tips and tricks that Eldar has built into his lessons.

You will learn to build a website in Blocs in no time.

Keep up the good work!

- Ive

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