'Building a Website in Blocs' course

A series of 24 videos covering every step involved in building this multi-page website in Blocs


These 24 highly detailed videos cover every step involved in bulding this multi-page website in Blocs


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Building a multi-page website in Blocs

In this course, I am explaning every single action, step by step, which you have to take to build a beautiful and fairly complex multi-page website in Blocs.


Introduction to Building a website in Blocs 
- Introduction of Blocs Master creator
- Introduciton of Building a website in Blocs course


Creating the project and building the site structure
- Saving the project
- Adjusting project settings
- Adjusting page settings for each page
- Building the site structure


Preparing the images for the project
- Downloading copyright-free images
- Optimizing the image resolution
- Optimizing the image size
- Managing the project files


Customizing the navigation menu
- Importing the images to Blocs project
- Setting the bloc background image
- Enabling and disabling areas
- Managing the menu items
- Customizing the menu appearance with custom classes
- Customizing the text logo with custom class


Adding, adjusting and duplicating blocs
- Building the page header
- Customizing text with custom classes
- Adjusting the bloc background
- Adding and editing the icon bric
- Duplicating blocs to other pages


Creating and adjusting the faded background effect
- Adding and editing text brics
- Creating the faded effect
- Adjusting the faded effect via custom classes
- Adjusting the bric position using custom classes
- Deleting the custom classes


Advanced customization of button brics
- Creating the team photo bloc using button brics
- Customizing the dimensions of buttons using custom classes
- Creating the hover color effect using the custom class
- Preparing the overlay images using Pixelmator
Adjusting the text position using custom class


Creating social icons and using visibility feature
- Creating the social icons using buttons
- Customizing the appearance of icons
- Aligning the elements to center using custom class
- Using column row bric
- Using the toggle visibility feature


Using panel brics customized with custom classes
- Duplicating blocs and brics
- Using parallax background feature
- Using panel brics
- Adjusting the appearance of panels with custom classes
- Using round image bric
- Adjusting default typography settings
- Creating reverse faded effect
- Adjusting bric positioning using negative margins


Using column rows customized with custom classes
- Creating hover effects for logos
- Using column row with custom classes
- Giving the class to senate element of the row


Customizing the buttons using custom classes
- Changing the image backgrounds
- Creating the newsletter blocs
- Adjusting the button styles using custom classes
- Adjusting the button dimensions
- Adding the shadow to button


Creating and adjusting the social icons
- Creating text links
- Using buttons to create social icons
- Using buttons to align social icons to center
- Customizing the icon appearance using custom classes


Creating and adjusting custom forms
- Creating the contact page
- Building the customized contact form
- Adjusting the style of form fields using custom classes
- Adjusting the width of the blocs
- Creating the ‘mailto’ links
- Adding the color swatches
- Creating customized flat buttons 


Using the custom class manager
- Removing the shadow from sticky navigation bar
- Searching the custom classes online
- Applying and adjusting custom classes to invisible elements
- Adjusting alert notifications appearance


Creating the image thumbnails for blog posts
- Adjusting the margins using custom class
- Adding shadows to images
- Creating the custom styled text links
- Duplicating the blocs and brics


Adding and adjusting the icon brics
- Adjusting the icon style using custom classes
- Adding the hover effect to icons
- Adding and adjusting the icon frame
- Changing the icon type and color


Using panel bric to build pricing tables
- Using the parallax backgrounds with multiple blocs
- Adjusting the darkness of the background images
- Building the pricing tables using panel brics
- Using the heading with icons
- Adjusting the padding, borders and shadows of the panels


Creating the image grid with button overlays
- Managing files in images folder
- Importing the images
- Creating the customized text links
- Creating the images grid
- Creating button overlays
- Adjusting the button position using negative margin
- Linking the categories navigation


Creating the portfolio item pages
- Adding the margin using custom class
- Creating the image rich pages
- Duplicating layouts from other pages
- Editing the text and links
- Adjusting the padding of blocs
- Finalizing the Portfolio page


Applying fade-in and fade-out effects to home page
- Editing the pre-set custom classes
- Applying text styles
- Customizing the buttons
- Changing the bloc background to adjust auto color of text
- Creating fade-in and fade-out effects
- Using negative margin custom classes to adjust position


Finishing building the landing page
- Creating the shortcut to portfolio page on home page
- Using custom classes to apply previously used styles
- Duplicating the bloc to other pages
- Creating the buttons and linking them to other pages
- Creating the customized text links


Checking all links on the website
- Assigning the IDs to each bloc
- Linking all the buttons
- Linking all the links
- Linking the images and custom text links
- Checking all links in our projects


Optimization for mobile devices
- Editing classes from subclass library
- Editing previously created custom classes
- Optimizing every page for tablet and mobile
- Optimizing custom classes for tablet and mobile
- Optimizing panels for tablet and mobile
- Optimizing customized buttons with photos
- Optimizing button overlays
- Optimizing regular text and headings
- Changing the tablet and mobile navigation styles
- Disabling brics and bloc not suitable for mobile viewing


Finalizing and exporting the project
- Checking the page settings
- Filling the SEO information
- Exporting the project in to system folder

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